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Arnold Apodaca
Founder / CEO

Arnold Apodaca is the CEO of Apodaca Wall Systems based in Phoenix Arizona. He is the founder and manager of his elite construction firm.

Contact Info
Phone : 1-602-269-7744
International School of Business Graduate

Based in Phoenix, Arnold is a wall systems expert with close to 20 years in the business, working with major corporate and private clients in North America. Arnold is a recognized entrepreneur that has won awards for his business practices.

Arnold founded Apodaca Wall Systems in 2002, and he began winning bids on major construction contracts including the Sheraton Hotel, a downtown Phoenix landmark building. .

Arnold is the managing CEO of  Apodaca Wall Systems, and his goal of continued expansion of his company is coming to fruition. Arnold is also a community leader that supports charitable organizations that make a difference in  the lives of children and families..

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